CarbonX PA12+CF

CarbonX PA12+CF is made using a specialty Nylon 12 [PA12] and high-modulus carbon fiber. This material offers an excellent combination of performance and printability. PA12 absorbs much less moisture than PA6-based materials and has superior retention of mechanical properties after exposure to humid environments.

Diameter ; 1.75 mm
Weight ; 500 g
Color; Black
Technical Data Sheet (คลิก)
Safety Data Sheet (คลิก)



CarbonX™ Carbon Fiber PA12 is made using high-modulus carbon fiber and a specialty Nylon 12 (PA12) that we chose for it’s printability, thermal properties, and chemical resistance. PA12+CF is widely used in a variety of industries due to its excellent chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, and wide processing window. Our formulation ensures very low shrinkage in the printed part resulting in excellent dimensional stability, making our PA12+CF an excellent choice for tools, fixtures, and jigs.

Recommended Print Settings:

  • Extruder: 265-285 °C
  • Bed Temp: 90-110 °C
  • Heated Chamber: Recommended
  • Drying Instructions: 90 °C for 4 hours
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