BlueCast X-One V2 Resin 500 g

X-One V2 is the real meltable resin developed and produced by BlueCast for DLP and Monochromatic LCD machines. Thanks to the low-temperature melting polymer it ensures a smooth surface finish and perfect lettering.

Main features:
Finally, you can cast in any casting house/service every kind of pattern with text, engravings, micropave etc. Perfect casting results with any kind of investments and burnout cycles. Low temperature burnout compatibility (even if we recommend 750°C last stage, everything is burned out at 680°C). Toxic and carcinogenic component free, Low fumes emission during burnout. Very low VOC and negligible smell.

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ตัวอย่างงาน Bluecast X-One V2

BlueCast X-One V2 Resin 500 g
BlueCast X-One V2 Resin 500 g

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FAQ About BlueCast

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line official โดยแอด @sync.innovation

BlueCast resins have a higher price due to our commitment to using only advanced polymers sourced from European, American, and Korean suppliers. Our resins are free from toxic and carcinogenic components, and we continually strive to minimize the presence of irritant chemicals. To ensure consistent performance over time and eliminate variations between production batches, we thoroughly test all raw materials before utilizing them.

Our mission is to develop castable resins that can rival wax in terms of accuracy and burnout. At BlueCast, we have a dedicated Jewelry Manufacturing Department that enables us to gain a deep understanding of the needs of goldsmiths and rigorously test the performance of our products. With our new X-One and X-Filigree V2 resins, which utilize proprietary polymers, we can print in the morning and cast in the evening. These resins are compatible with standard wax burnout (12 hrs.), fast burnout (6 hrs.), and ultra-fast burnout (2 hrs.).

All our “X-Resins” have been developed to perform similarly to wax. X-One and other specific resins are the first castable resins that melt like wax with any investment, burnout, and oven.

No, they do not require phosphatic or special investments. We strongly suggest to follow the mixing time and instructions provided by the manufacturers. For solid and heavy designs such as chevaliers and celebration rings, we recommend allowing the flask to rest for 4 hours before casting.

BlueCast resins are the preferred choice because they are incredibly easy to print, eliminating the need for lengthy post-processing or wasting time after printing. They are compatible with all burnout processes and do not require any special investments to achieve perfect casting results.

Although our castable resins are compatible with all burnouts, our preferred method is as follows:CELCIUS (°C) 0-150°C: Ramp up temperature 150°C – 3 hrs: Hold at 150°C for 3 hours 150°C – 700°C: Ramp up temperature 700°C – 3 hrs: Hold at 700°C for 3 hours Down to casting temperature Ramp 8 degrees/minFahrenheit (°F) 0-300°F 300°F – 3 hrs 300°F – 1256°F 1250°F – 3 hrs Ramps 47 degrees Fahrenheit /min
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