Raise3D Premium PC 1.75 mm 1 kg

Raise3D Premium PC Filament

PC or Polycarbonate is one of the advanced industrial thermoplastics, which is extremely tough, durable and with great firmness. PC is known for its great impact strength and it is commonly used for producing rigid parts. PC also has great heat resistance up to 110°C, making it the perfect substitute for metals in high temperature environments (e.g. under car hood in a vehicle). Parts printed with PC are predominately used in later stages of function testing and finished parts assembly. Printed PC parts have been successfully used in the manufacturing application with or without post-finishing.

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PC Filament

Raise3D Premium PC is an advanced polycarbonate (PC) filament with superior printability and mechanical properties, particularly fracture toughness

3D Printing conditions

Nozzle temperature ;  250 – 270 ˚C
Build plate temperature ; 80 – 105 ˚C

filament 3d printing
filament 3d printer
Weight1.2 kg

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