Creality Low Odor Resin 1 kg (Grey)

Low Odor Resin: High precision, Good fluidity, Short curing time
Molding surface hardness: 85-88D
UV Wavelength: 405nm
Viscosity: 150-250MPa*s
Shrinkage: 3.62-4.24%
Applicable models: Most LCD/DLP printer
Smooth surface Finish


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Creality Low Order Resin

Creality Low Odor Resin 1 kg (Grey)

Low shrinkage, stable printing size and high printing accuracy. The model has fine texture, smooth surface and three-dimensional details.

Creality Low Odor Resin 1 kg (Grey)
The resin improves the printing speed while ensures the strength of the model and non-excessive shrink while increasing the printing speed. It can also shorten the curing tine and improve the printing efficiency of the LCD machine as much as possible with a good appearance and outperforming practicability.
Creality Low Odor Resin 1 kg (Grey)


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