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Raise3D DF2

Technology : Resin 3D Printer – DLP Type
Print Volume : 200 × 112 × 300 mm
XY Resolution : 2560 x 1440
Max Z Workload : 10 kg
Max Printing Speed: 25 mm/h (0.1 mm per layer)
Layer Height: 50-100 micron
Resin Management : Auto Resin Feeding, Resin Level Detection, Resin Confirmation
Control Panel : Touch Screen (Resolution: 1920 × 720)
RFID Print Platform : Record the type of resin used and the printing, washing and curing settings
Level Calibration : Calibrated in factory
Chamber Heating : Max 40℃


Raise3D DF2 : Industrial Resin 3D Printer

The Raise3D DF2 Solution is a Digital Light Printing (DLP) printing system that provides fast printing speeds, smooth surfaces, high precision, and exceptional reliability. It is designed for engineering prototyping, manufacturing aids, and low-volume production using a wide variety of high-performance resins. Discover the efficient workflow via RFID as we redefine the possibilities of resin 3D printing.

Completed Workflow

The Raise3D DF2 Solution utilizes RFID technology to seamlessly integrate hardware, software, and materials, offering users a streamlined workflow without the need for manual entry of process settings. This not only saves operational time but also ensures a consistent workflow, which is critical for production.

Compared to the time-consuming and messy workflow of DLP, the Raise3D DF2 printer, DF Wash and DF Cure come with an RFID-tag-integrated smart build plate and a logical interface that ensures a cleaner and simpler workflow throughout the printing, washing and curing process. This not only streamlines manual operations but also ensures your printing tasks are always accomplished with the same print results.

Raise3D DF2

Resin Compatibility: Expanding Possibilities in 3D Printing

Raise3D High Performance Engineering Resins: Meet demands for customized small batch production of precise prototyping and industrial engineering parts.

ORP (Open Resin Program): The aim of the ORP is to open to third-party resin manufacturers to develop high-performance resins, including co-branding with BASF and Henkel, to provide customers with a wider range of resin options.

Easy-to-print resin for prototyping and design
Raise3D DF2
High-resolution material for detailed models
Raise3D DF2

Tough and durable resin for functional applications

Raise3D DF2

Material with high strength, rigidity and heat-resistance

Raise3D DF2

Raise3D DF2 Technical Datasheet

  • Print Technology: Digital Light Printing (DLP)
  • Build Size (W × D × H): 200 × 112 × 300 mm (7.87 × 4.41 × 11.8 inch)
  • XY Resolution: 2560 x 1440
  • Max Part Weight: 10 kg
  • Max Printing Speed: 25 mm/h (0.1 mm per layer)
  • Layer Height: 50-100 micron
  • Resin Management: Auto Resin Feeding, Resin
  • Level Detection, Resin Confirmation
  • Control Panel: Touch Screen (Resolution: 1920 × 720) with Magic Layout 
  • RFID Print Platform: Record the type of resin used and the printing, washing and curing settings
  • Level Calibration: Calibrated in factory
    Chamber Heating: Max 40℃

Raise3D DF Wash

  • Washing Tank Volume: 14L
  • Max Washing Size: 200 x 112 x 300 mm (7.87 x 4.41 x 11.8 inch)
  • Compatible Solvent: IPA, Water, TPM
  • Washing Features: Twin-turbo Washing, Hand Washing Simulation
  • Drying Feature: Double Fan Air Drying
  • Drainage: Automatic Liquid Drainage with Waste Container
  • Wash Profile: RFID Auto Set or Manual Entering

Raise3D DF Cure

  • Max Curing Size: φ 230 x 300 mm (φ 9 x 11.8 inch)
  • Curing Source: LED (365nm, 385nm, 405nm mixed); Max Air Heating Temperature up to 120℃
  • Cure Profile: RFID Auto Set or Manual Entering


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