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Siraya Blu Engineering Resin 500 CC

Key Feature

    • Great for making functional parts
    • Formulated for LCD resin printer but can work for DLP printers
    • Fast and Easy to Print. Best when resin temperature is above 25C
    • Smooth surface with great resolution
    • Easy to wash, post cure, paint and sand
    • Compatible with Wanhao D7/7+, D8, Photon/S,  Zotrax Inspire,  Shuffle,  Moonray

Mechanical Properties

  • Shore D 85
  • Tensile Strength 44Mpa
  • Young’s Modulus 1500Mpa
  • Elongation At Break: 25%



฿2,000.00 ฿1,700.00

3d printer Engineering Resin

การทดสอบความแข็งแรง ของ Siraya Blu resin

ตัวอย่างงานจาก LCD 3D Printer ของ Siraya Blu Engineering Resin

ความละเอียด 50 ไมครอน

Siraya Blu Engineering Resin
Engineering Resin SLA 3d printing
Siraya Blu Engineering Resin
Weight1 kg


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